As an artist, I slacked off for a long time. I never forced the issue. After I finally realized that I can’t live without writing, without expressing my art, I began to actually see where I was at. How far along I had gotten in my journey to be a recognized singer/songwriter: no where. Because I never made the realization that I HAVE to get there, and the subsequent decision to live it out. I was pretending. If you want to be an artist – musician, painter, writer, poet – you’re going to want to read this:

Letters To A Young Poet from Ranier Maria Rilke. I actually heard about it from a Youtube video of Lady Gaga. Yup. This really applies to ANY artist. Even if you just get one small piece of useable knowledge from this work, it will be something that will stick with you and fuel you. Most likely it will be the question that Rilke poses: can I live without my art?