I’m here making a blog for the first time ever, taking care to make sure it looks legit and believable. I am competing with so many other blogs! Forget that, I’m competing with so many other people; artists, authors, promoters, thinkers, whiners, political types. Chances are that if you’re reading this – at least at this point – you know me. How am I going to break out of that “only-people-that-know-me-read-this” membrane? It’s like that cocoon that contained Neo in The Matrix, except its a blog and it doesn’t have pink gel and robots and tubes and Keanu Reeves.

I guess I’m just going to have to get to know more and more people. Isn’t that the best kind of relationship I can have with my “audience,” aka the giant, arbitrary blob that is supposed to buy things from me, listen to me, and be influenced by me? Such a thing doesn’t exist! I think knowing that is an essential first step in turning your ambitions as an artist into actual realities in the world. No audience exists for you. Just people.

So I can’t get thousands of subscriptions to my blog in only a few weeks. I can’t invest as much time into it as fulltime bloggers. But I can build one piece (read: person) at a time, just like anything else worthwhile is built. Besides, I WANT to know everyone that reads this, and that listens to my music. As an artist, if I’m expecting people to see any kind of value in my work, I first need them to know that it’s mutual.